The MBA and Life Checklist: Choosing your MBA Program (Part 6)

Dean Sally Blount '92, Dean of Students Betsy Ziegler and students gather for a photo in celebration of #NUPurpleFriday.
Dean Sally Blount ’92, Dean of Students Betsy Ziegler and students gather for a photo in celebration of #NUPurpleFriday.

This post is part six in a series. See part onepart twopart threepart four, part five.

As I was making my decision to attend Kellogg, I asked myself six questions to determine whether it was the right place for me. Here is the sixth:

Above all, is the show real, genuine and true?

A school is comprised of its people. Every school will describe its outstanding culture and people. The challenge for prospective students is to determine before you arrive if that is the truth or a platitude to answer the question: “Why did you choose Kellogg?” Although we have more than 1,200 students, Kellogg still feels bespoke to me.

These were my questions. It is important to identify yours. This decision will stick with you and you with it, for the rest of your life. I think one of Kellogg’s greatest achievements is its discontent with its accomplishments, coupled with its desire for more, and its realization that though we are a great place for education, character building and leadership development, we can still strive for more. I hope you can find and proclaim the same.

Christopher Alexander ’14 is a 2008 graduate of Morehouse College and is in his second year of the 2Y MBA Program at Kellogg. His focus is on the Marketing and Management and Organizations curriculum. After graduation Chris will be heading back to Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Operations group. He will be based in Seattle, along with his fiancé and Kellogg classmate Jessica Lane ’14. Chris is very active on Kellogg’s campus, primarily as outgoing co-president of the Black Management Association, an admissions interviewer and a member of the class gift committee. Chris originally hails from Roxbury, NJ.


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