Beyond the books: Why I chose Kellogg

After 15 years in the technology space in various roles — from entry-level programmer to various leadership positions — I decided it was time to get different skills and new experiences. An Executive MBA would be a much-needed injection of energy and excitement into my career.

How I learned the value of networking

In the Kellogg Executive MBA Program, we constantly hear about the power of networks, and many of us chose Kellogg for the incredible network it offers through students, faculty and alumni. Truthfully, this was one of the reasons I always resisted business school. This idea of going to school for connections seemed so calculating and… Continue reading

How to Maintain a Work-Life-Study Balance in Kellogg’s Executive MBA Program

At Kellogg School of Management, students maintain a rigorous academic schedule. On top of their classes, study groups and homework, many students in the Executive MBA (EMBA) Program also balance high-level careers and families. Making the commitment to extra activities like social lives, service and fitness can be an adjustment. Current EMBA student Ana Vazquez,… Continue reading

It’s the Kellogg Way

…But for many of their children, the sprawling urban zone of more than 450,000 people, including almost 32,000 registered internally displaced people, is a social, educational and careers dead end… — UN Refugee Agency, 2010 Of all the choices of the world’s best business schools to attend for my MBA, I chose Kellogg. For me, one reason was… Continue reading


SONGS capture moments, and moments are a cocktail of happenstance, musings, grit and emotions — which collectively defines “what” we’ve done, “who” we are, and “where” we’re headed. And over time, we curate a meaningful soundtrack to our lives — comprised of songs that capture these defining moments.


THE GROUNDS of the Kellogg campus is indistinguishable from the set of one of those midday BBC Channel films featuring the emotionally subdued enduring love of an aged-couple – aptly titled “Geriatric Gestures of Endearment”.  Surrounded by the crashing waters of Lake Michigan, complemented by twenty-eight different varieties of spruce, and accented with Greco-Roman sculptures… Continue reading

Around the World in 20 Days

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve traveled almost 25,000 miles and I’ve realized that you can’t “think” internationally unless you “learn” internationally.  The global elective program I attended at our partner school WHU in Vallendar, Germany this past month brought me closer to European Economics, Luxury Brand Management, and last but not least my fellow… Continue reading