How do trends work?

What do Crocs, TED and Instagram have in common? According to Dr. Liraz Lasry, marketing professor at Recanati Business School, they all are trends that have spread from person to person, without significant interference from marketing. In this TEDx talk, Lasry explain why trends happen, how they influence us and why trends may play a large role… Continue reading

Why I went to Kellogg

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. When I was a kid, I sold candy and comic books. Today, I run a software development company. About nine years ago, I started a non-profit called Refresh Miami to help connect other entrepreneurs and technologists in my area. At the time, I didn’t realize what I was… Continue reading

Don’t run in the Pentagon

Col. Michael Musso shares leadership lessons gained from a successful military career in a new Kellogg Insight article: “Over the course of my 25 years of military service, I have acquired valuable lessons in leadership, time management, and organizational operations. Since soldiers are short on time, sharing these lessons with them as succinctly as possible communicates… Continue reading