How Kellogg applicants are assessed – Part 1

When Kellogg admissions officers review an application, they evaluate potential students based on six categories. Here, Melissa Rapp, director of admissions for Kellogg’s Full-Time MBA Programs, demystifies what happens once you submit your materials and helps you think about how to formulate the story that will help the Admissions team learn more about you.  TODAY’S TOPIC: INTELLECTUAL… Continue reading

Choosing the Kellogg One-Year MBA program

It’s been three months since the Kellogg One-Year MBA class of 2016 stepped onto the Evanston campus, and it has been an intense and fun experience.

It was a little over a year ago when I was researching about one-year MBA programs. While you may have various professional and personal reasons for choosing a one-year or two-year MBA, here are some of the unique features of Kellogg’s One-Year MBA program that may be considered while trying to navigate though the decision.

Bringing leadership lessons to life

As a first-quarter student in the One-Year MBA program at Kellogg, we dove into our academics with a course titled “Leadership In Organizations.” The class is designed to enhance our leadership skills.

The coursework for leadership is interesting because it places a lot of importance on practical and conceptual training.

My One-Year transformational experience

Going back to school in my 30s wasn’t something I originally planned.

I studied business as an undergraduate and switched into an enjoyable consulting career after earning my master’s degree in industrial and labor relations. Yet my dad always told me that “your education is something that can never be taken away from you.” After some reflection on his advice and some prodding from a partner at my firm, I decided an MBA would be a great addition to my resume.

Given my education and experience, I only considered accelerated one-year programs. Kellogg’s 1Y program clearly emerged as the program for me thanks to my interactions with students and alums and my experience at Day at Kellogg (DAK).

As a 1Y, I recognized that time would be precious, and I wanted to ensure I maximized my time in Evanston. After giving some thought to how I would use my time in school, I landed upon a few guidelines to help shape my experience:

My first week in the One-Year MBA program

It’s hard to believe it has only been a week since I stepped into the Jake (Kellogg’s Jacobs Center) on Northwestern’s Evanston campus. The past seven days have been a whirlwind of activities, all a part of CIM — Complete Immersion in Management — the orientation program for new students.

From information sessions, course selection to fun team-building events like improv sessions, baseball games and cruises, CIM was a fun transition into school mode.

Here are my three highlights from CIM:

How we won the Allstate Business Challenge

This year’s Allstate Insurance Business Challenge gave students at Kellogg a chance to tackle a real strategic problem currently faced by Allstate. For the challenge, we were asked to develop a strategy to revamp Allstate’s usage-based insurance product group.

The competition was open to five-person teams of students – the only requirement was that the team needed to have one person outside of Kellogg but a part of Northwestern. The members of our winning team were four students from the One-Year MBA program – Amit Berry, Bilal Hussain, Yajur Kapoor, Wojtek Korpal – and Deniz Alpay, a fourth-year graduate student at the McCormick School of Engineering.

“I was very eager to join an all-star team of MBA students to get experience in developing a case solution and a deliverable” Deniz Alpay said. “I was greeted enthusiastically by my Kellogg team members and I feel I learned a lot working with them”.

We made it through the first round of qualifications and advanced to the second and final round, where only three teams participated. This round spanned six weeks and required the teams to dig deep into large data sets, do extensive research and work closely with Allstate mentors to deliver a comprehensive solution that could potentially be implemented.

In the end, there were three key things we felt gave us the edge when it came time to present our proposal:

How Kellogg applicants are assessed – Part 6

When Kellogg admissions officers review an application, they evaluate potential students based on six categories. Here, Beth Tidmarsh, director of admissions for Kellogg’s full-time MBA programs, demystifies what happens once you submit your materials and helps you think about how to formulate the story that will help the admissions team learn more about you.


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Our community values collaboration, involvement and giving back, and we look for that in our applicants as well. A significant part of the Admissions process is ensuring a good fit between student and program. If you thrive in team-based environments, Kellogg might be a good fit for you.