Leveraging Kellogg’s academics, alumni networks and more to launch a successful startup

When Steve Lane ’16 set out to choose a business school, he had one essential question in mind: Which school can get my startup off the ground? After carefully weighing his options, Steve decided that Kellogg was the best choice for developing his startup FlyHomes. “Kellogg’s resources are amazing for startups,” Steve says. “FlyHomes would… Continue reading

5 questions with Professor Blake McShane

Blake McShane is an associate professor of marketing at Kellogg, where he teaches courses in customer analytics, marketing research and data analysis. As a statistical methodologist, McShane has developed statistical models for a variety of fields, including online advertising, neuroscience, paleoclimatology, law and even baseball.  His research primarily focuses on developing new methodologies that accommodate… Continue reading

Three cities, one eye-opening trip

Last month, I traveled with 41 students from Kellogg’s MS in Management Studies Program to Greater China, which is constitutionally governed as “one country, two systems”. Our 10-day Global Immersion in Management (GIM) trip began in Hong Kong, passed through Shenzhen and ended in Beijing. While in Hong Kong, we connected with international students over… Continue reading

Key lessons from Social Impact Days 2015

“Dreamers, innovators and visionaries assemble!”
That was the call I imagined myself and other first-year students hearing last month at the start of Kellogg’s Social Impact Days.

OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But honestly, not by much. Over the course of three glorious days, 100 of my closest friends and I embarked on our first Kellogg-guided journey. And what a journey it was.

To be honest, when I first signed up for Social Impact Days, a pre-term program run by the Kellogg Public Private Interface (KPPI) Initiative, I had no idea what to expect. What kind of people would I meet? What do they really expect out of us this early in the journey? Am I even going to have any friends there? Fortunately, all of these worries were quelled on the first night when I met the other students, many of who had the same initial questions I did.

Global negotiations in the classroom

Global Network Week offers students a valuable opportunity to work with fellow peers from around the world. But what happens when you put them head-to-head, with each side confronting an organizational issue from a different angle? The answer, according to Greg Hanifee, associate dean of the Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network, is the perfect cross-cultural experience… Continue reading