Kellogg gives back to the community

This year I had the great opportunity to organize Kellogg Cares Day, a one-day community service event for Kellogg students, faculty and staff. This was the 10th year the Kellogg community came together to help out the surrounding Evanston and Chicago area, and it proved to be a truly valuable experience.

Behind the scenes of the Chicago sports industry

In an industry such as sports, where the supply of jobs is so small and the demand is so high, sports industry leaders are bombarded by job requests all the time. Therefore, receiving uninterrupted time with these sports leaders is a rare occasion. But that is the exact opportunity myself and more than 20 other first-year Kellogg students had earlier this month on our Chicago sports business trek.

Taking on some of Chicago’s key social challenges

In October, myself and five other MMM students headed to Chicago for two and a half days to participate in BarnRaise, an annual design workshop held at IIT Institute of Design. Here’s what I learned from the experience.

The MMMs are always looking for new competitions and workshops to participate in; it gives us the opportunity to apply our thinking, learn new design techniques and network with professionals and students passionate about design innovation. I participated in the Rotman Design Challenge in Toronto last year, and I’m starting to run into a lot of familiar faces at these events.