Experiencing Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul

Twelve days to experience all that is Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul. Transcontinental flights, a speed train from Shanghai to Beijing, a handful of business meetings and a collection of in-country assignments were all part of the plan for 36 Kellogg students when we departed from Chicago the morning of March 16.

The trip to China and South Korea was a central component of our Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) class, and for most of us, it was our first trip to Asia. The trip itself was sandwiched between two segments of five classes in which Professor Damien Ma, Sheila Duran, executive director of Kellogg’s Public/Private Initiative, and a series of distinguished speakers equipped us with the necessary knowledge to make the most of our trip.

What we did not anticipate were the unique interactions each of us would have throughout the nearly two weeks abroad, not only with the people living in the countries themselves, but also within our group of Kellogg students.

Kellogg debuts International Growth Lab

Today’s leaders must navigate business issues that cut across geographical boundaries and cultures to drive growth and innovation.

That is why Kellogg recently launched International Growth Lab. The course enables Kellogg students to partner with students from ESADE Business & Law School in Barcelona and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to develop market-based growth strategies for international companies.

Kyle Bell is one of the Kellogg students currently taking the course. He and three of his Kellogg classmates are partnering with three students from ESADE to develop an e-commerce strategy for a multinational company dedicated to developing solutions for sustainable water use.

Kyle took some time to talk about the course and what he hopes to gain from the experience.

The Polar Plunge with Lady Gaga and Vince Vaughn

On Sunday, more than 4,500 people braved the frigid waters of Lake Michigan to take the 2015 Chicago Polar Plunge and raise more than $1.1 million for Special Olympics.

Along with celebrities who took the dip — like Vince Vaughn and Lady Gaga — were nine Kellogg students, including four Kellogg Board Fellows.

The team of Board Fellows raised nearly $4,000 for the cause.

Why Kellogg students created a high school mentoring program

This fall, a team of Kellogg students launched Kellogg Connections, a mentoring program for Evanston Township High School (ETHS) students. Kellogg Connections will involve a diverse group of approximately 15 ETHS students and roughly the same number of Kellogg mentors from a variety of professional backgrounds including medicine, consulting, banking, marketing and manufacturing. Mentors will meet with students as an entire group two times per month. The key tenets of the program are a business-focused curriculum, college prep, experiential learning and community partnership.

Student Perspectives on Experiential Learning and the New Digital Marketing & Commerce Course

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Will This Work in the Real World?

With so many opportunities at Kellogg, you may find yourself having a difficult time choosing which courses to take and which activities to participate in that will best help you achieve your academic, personal and career goals. Fortunately, the wide range of experiential learning offerings means there’s something (or many somethings) for everyone, and a… Continue reading