Faculty podcast: Growing a company from startup to sale

In this month’s special three-part Insight In Person podcast series, Kellogg School professor Linda Darragh and lecturers Daniel Weinfurter and Joe Dwyer join Enjoy Life Foods founder and CEO Scott Mandell ’01 to look at how he founded a company that was instrumental in creating the allergen-free foods category, how he scaled the business and how Enjoy Life was financed from startup to sale.

Faculty podcast: How to handle a bad boss

Of all the annoyances the workday can entail — that too-early alarm, rush hour traffic, late nights stuck at your desk on deadline — having a bad boss can be the most insidious.

“Nobody wants to go to work when they don’t get along with their boss,” says Jon Maner, a professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School. “It really weighs on people’s everyday life.”

Learn about what motivates bad bosses and how to manage them from Kellogg faculty members Jon Maner and James B. Shein in this month’s Insight in Person podcast.