A DIY guide to career growth

From Kellogg Insight Given today’s corporate environment of flat organizations with tight budgets, the first thing cut—even before brand advertising—is career development. To add insult to injury, bosses are too worried about their own hides to worry about yours. With that in mind, you should adopt a do-it-yourself attitude. Based on his experience, Professor Carter Cast… Continue reading

Faculty podcast: How to handle a bad boss

Of all the annoyances the workday can entail — that too-early alarm, rush hour traffic, late nights stuck at your desk on deadline — having a bad boss can be the most insidious.

“Nobody wants to go to work when they don’t get along with their boss,” says Jon Maner, a professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School. “It really weighs on people’s everyday life.”

Learn about what motivates bad bosses and how to manage them from Kellogg faculty members Jon Maner and James B. Shein in this month’s Insight in Person podcast.

Don’t run in the Pentagon

Col. Michael Musso shares leadership lessons gained from a successful military career in a new Kellogg Insight article: “Over the course of my 25 years of military service, I have acquired valuable lessons in leadership, time management, and organizational operations. Since soldiers are short on time, sharing these lessons with them as succinctly as possible communicates… Continue reading