‘Dream big and do big things’

In the mid-1980s, Robert Swan found himself surrounded by the white, icy nothingness of Antarctica, leading an expedition with two other men who, by that point, had grown to hate each other. His team, with no radio communications or back-up support, had trudged more than 400 miles already, and it was time to make a decision.

They could either turn back and retreat to base camp or continue on and haul their 360-pound sled an additional 500 miles toward the South Pole.

If he reached the pole, a feat that would take a total of 70 days in subzero temperatures, Swan and his team would complete the longest, unassisted march in history. But if he failed, they would die.

Networking can lead to growth

By Theo Anderson Success in the emerging global economy requires the ability to adapt, and your power to do so depends on the vitality of your network, says Ellen Levy, managing director of Silicon Valley Connect. “There’s a capability that very rarely gets mentioned or recognized, but is becoming more and more powerful, and more… Continue reading

Growing 7-Eleven through ‘servant leadership’

Serving others has a business benefit: growth.

Just ask Joe DePinto ’99, who has spent the last 10 years practicing the principles of “servant leadership” while sitting at the helm of 7-Eleven. During DePinto’s tenure as president and CEO, the convenience-store chain has grown from 27,000 to 57,000 stores, with sales doubling to $8 billion worldwide.

Today, the company is expanding so quickly that it opens a new store every three hours.