What I’m thankful for

As fall quarter approaches its end, Kellogg students are excited to take a few days off and jump into Thanksgiving break with family, friends, and of course, good food. In the spirit of giving thanks, we asked students to answer the following questions: What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving season, and more specifically, what are you most thankful for in terms of your Kellogg experience?

Choosing the Kellogg One-Year MBA program

It’s been three months since the Kellogg One-Year MBA class of 2016 stepped onto the Evanston campus, and it has been an intense and fun experience.

It was a little over a year ago when I was researching about one-year MBA programs. While you may have various professional and personal reasons for choosing a one-year or two-year MBA, here are some of the unique features of Kellogg’s One-Year MBA program that may be considered while trying to navigate though the decision.


Last week, hundreds of first-year and second-year students traversed the globe as part of KWEST: Kellogg Worldwide Experience and Service Trip. Kyle Burr, one of the student-run KWEST executive committee members, wrote about the KWEST experience in the run up to this year’s trip.

As Kellogg’s first-year students continue their Complete Immersion in Management (CIM) week, take a look back at some of the photo highlights from their trips as part of Throwback Thursday.

KWEST: A truly ‘amazing’ experience

Kellogg Worldwide Experience and Service Trip – is an institution among Kellogg MBA students. Each year more than 85% of the school’s incoming class and their significant others (referred to as “Joint Ventures” or “JVs”) embark on a weeklong adventure to countries all over the world. This year’s KWEST kicks off in less than a week, with students departing to a variety of destinations, from China and Portugal to Argentina and the Galapagos Islands, and many places in between.

2,000 miles away and still a part of Kellogg

When my boyfriend was accepted into the dual-degree MMM Program at Kellogg, I was absolutely overjoyed, just like any other brand new JV (Joint Venture)! All of a sudden, we had a whole new city and non-coastal lifestyle to explore. We were so ready for the adventure!

As I watched him move off to Evanston last summer to start school, I worried about whether or not I would be able to meaningfully participate in the experience as a long-distance JV. I knew from a great friend (a recent Kellogg alum) and his then-JV (now fiancé), that the Kellogg community was exceptionally supportive of JVs, allowing them to audit classes and run extracurricular groups, but how could I possibly be a part of all that being 2,000 miles away?

I soon came to realize that I really had nothing to worry about.

The JV Chronicles: Making Kellogg My Own Adventure

I was ecstatic for my boyfriend when he was accepted to Kellogg, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit apprehensive about how my experience as a Joint Venture (partner of a student) would differ from his experience as a full-time student.

Besides the fact that I had never seen snow fall from the sky and didn’t yet understand the power of earmuffs, I was worried about how well I would fit in with the Kellogg community and whether or not I was in for two years of always feeling like a bit of an outsider. I foolishly assumed the experience was not mine to define, because this was his adventure and that I was just along for the ride.

Oh how wrong I was …

My Kellogg experience: An interactive timeline

Ben Dowell spent more than nine years in the US Army, a span that included combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. His dream, though, was to become an investment banker. So in 2013, Dowell left the Army and enrolled in Kellogg’s Full-Time Two-Year MBA Program. Since then he’s been elected President of the Kellogg Student Association (KSA), secured an internship —and ultimately a job — with Robert W. Baird & Co., traveled to Ireland and Scotland with his classmates, and much, much more. Oh yeah, and he received a Challenge Coin from President Barack Obama.

Tour Ben’s interactive timeline to see how he shaped his Kellogg experience and how you can shape yours.