Learning about ‘China’s next chapter’

The China growth story has been a big headline recently in business, academia and in governments around the world. And the story continues to evolve. The market has developed into a complex and sophisticated behemoth.

With that in mind, more than 600 attendees gathered at Kellogg last month for the 2015 Greater China Business Conference. “China’s Next Chapter — Future Growth Engine” focused on how China would address current challenges and fuel its future growth, laying the foundation for the country’s next chapter.

Private equity, venture capital and unprecedented change

The worlds of private equity and venture capital are facing unprecedented changes. An influx of non-traditional investors, fewer potential targets and anemic economic growth are all contributing to intense competition for returns. The formerly well-defined lines of fund categorization have begun to blur, and major industry shifts are requiring a rethinking of traditional capital structures and holding periods. Given these momentous shifts in the PEVC landscape, the 2015 Kellogg Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference sought to explore the challenges of building value at both the fund and portfolio company level.

Jim Reynolds ’82, on the value of building coalitions

The Kellogg Black Management Association hosted its annual BMA Conference earlier this month. The event was titled “The Balancing Act,” and the day featured conversations with a collection of prominent Kellogg alumni and influential business leaders.

The event was highlighted by a morning conversation between Dean Sally Blount and Jim Reynolds ’82, founder, chairman and CEO of Loop Capital.