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A case study on “The sandwich strategy:”

Federal Express (FedEx) created an overnight delivery service toto compete with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Responding to FedEx’s entry and early success, USPS created a product called Express Mail priced at $8.95, as compared to FedEx’s $12.

FedEx, had it been like most companies, would have reduced price and gone to war with the USPS. But, price is not just a number. It is a way of signaling value and FedEx understood that. So, they responded by redefining their market.

Why I left the White House to attend Kellogg

As a former campaign and White House staffer, I have seen President Barack Obama speak countless times. Thursday, though, when President Obama spoke about the economy at Kellogg, was only the second time I have been a member of the audience for the president’s speech, and it felt great.

I have worked many similar events where I usually caught half of the speech from behind the press riser, or backstage while firing off emails on my blackberry. But sitting there with no responsibilities, I was reminded of why I worked for President Obama in the first place and why I decided to get my MBA.