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Almost all consumers, 97% to be exact, use online media to research products or services. If you’ve ever read a product review on a website, you fall into the above category.

While customer reviews can help you learn more about a brand or product – fake and paid-for reviews are unfortunately a lot more common than you’d think. 67% of consumers say they are concerned about review fraud, but most people cannot spot inauthentic reviews. That’s where Brand Rated comes in.

At Brand Rated, we review popular direct-to-consumer brands to help you make smarter buying decisions. If you’re unsure where to find legit reviews, we’ve got you covered.


Why D2C Brand Reviews Important

Direct to consumer brands are everywhere, but how do you know which are legit? Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the Direct-to-Consumer movement, D2C brands are digital-first brands that sell common items online that you used to purchase at a physical store or from a third-party wholesaler. In other words, when you buy from a D2C brand, the company you are buying from is responsible for manufacturing and shipping you the item rather than a vendor, retailer, or reseller. D2C products can range from food, shoes, makeup, and just about everything in between.

When it comes to D2C brands (and B2C) brands, fake, biased, or paid-for reviews will always be a concern. Anyone with an email address can leave a review for many online retailers. If you’re wondering about those “verified” reviews you will often see on websites, well, those can also be questionable.

Brands will often have buyers purchase an item from their site and reimburse them through a third-party payment option. So while the customer bought the item with their own money, making them a “verified” purchase, their review can be swayed by the brand that paid them back for the item they purchased.

Brand Rated is committed to making online shopping safer, easier, and more reliable. Read on to learn more.


Brand Rated Reviews Vs. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are what you see on a website explaining what they liked or disliked about a product. Customer reviews are nothing new. But we are entering a new era of online fraud. It’s getting easier for companies to pay users to leave positive reviews on products or services. The ‘reviewer often doesn’t even see, test, or use the item.

Brand Rated is committed to offering online shoppers honest, reliable brand reviews. We’re here to help ensure you’re spending your hard-earned cash on brands and products that are worth it.


Reviews You Can Trust At Brand Rated

So, what are the best D2C brands? Visit Brand Rated for 100% authentic, unbiased reviews. We’re committed to keeping it real with our community members, from makeup and fashion brands to food & drink reviews and so much more. So, be sure to check back often. We’re always adding new brands and products to our list of D2C reviews.

Happy shopping!

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