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After two years of being essentially isolated at home, we are very excited to get back out in the world. But not everything has returned to normal yet, so I am still looking for things to keep my kids occupied at home. They love watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, or playing the games on the PBS Kids app, but they get incredibly frustrated when something doesn’t work, and even more obstreperous once the screen time is over. The apps their schools set them up with during the pandemic are ok, but can be challenging at times and really benefit from parental supervision, something I can’t always provide in the middle of a Zoom call for work.

So exploring other options has been a great necessity. We tried YouTube, and joined in on the early popularity of Cosmic Kids, the yoga program. The girls love this show, and will watch back-to-back episodes, sometimes doing the moves but more often just watching. Its not exactly interactive, but it was our “gym class” for a few months! We watched through our television, which is harder for the kids to fiddle with, so I didn’t have too many worries about them wandering off into the wilds of YouTube, something that is always in the back of my mind.

Craft kits are a big hit with the kids, but often the instructions are a little to complicated, or the techniques a little too fiddly, so I end up having to help at every stage or even end up doing the whole craft myself. I was a bit too optimistic at Christmas last year, and bought them each an advent calendar of crafts – I ended up having to do all of the work, TWICE, and we gave up after eight days. What I’m looking for is something that is fun and enriching, without requiring all of my attention.

The Supernow Adventure Club looks to be just the ticket! We got our box last week, and opened it up today. I got only one box for both kids, which may have been a mistake, but we will learn how to share as we go along. So far all we have done is watch the first introductory video, with more to come each week, as three live or recorded classes per week become available.

Week 0 – The UnBoxing

The box itself is really cute, and my husband wisely hid it upon arrival. As soon as they spied it they started asking when they could open it. Inside is are several envelopes with the dates of when to open them, all in this month. Its going to be hard to wait for the next activity! The website is very easy to navigate, and the dates and times for the classes are clearly laid out. We are on the East Coast, so it is easy to make time for the live classes. Even if you miss them, though, they will be recorded for subsequent watching. We are especially excited to meet some other kids next Saturday in the one class per week that lets the club members interact with each other.

Stay tuned for more, this space will be updated as the Adventure Club unfolds!

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