Kellogg Full-Time MBA students in class at the Global Hub

Kellogg Full-Time MBA Program Options

By the Kellogg Admissions Team

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey. Of course, the MBA will be transformational, but I’m talking about the application process itself! Many candidates tell us completing their applications caused them to reflect and take stock of where they’ve been and where they want to go in their career and life. We’re excited for Kellogg to be part of your journey.

Our officers will be sharing a series of posts designed to help you through this process. While the application should be thought-provoking, it shouldn’t be scary or confusing. We’re here to help you and share insights into different components and what we’re looking for so you can focus on sharing your story.

As you start the Kellogg application, the first decision you’ll need to make is which program you want to apply for. Within our Full-Time MBA Program, we have a unique portfolio of options tailored toward your goals and interests:

  • One-Year (1Y): This is the fastest route to earning your Kellogg MBA, and it’s designed for career accelerators who are looking to make limited changes to their path. Students leverage previous business coursework and focus primarily on electives. You are able to immerse yourself in clubs, leadership roles and experiential opportunities while getting back quickly to the path you love. The program runs from June to June.
  • Two-Year (2Y): Our largest program gives you the most flexibility to pursue your interests and includes a summer internship – for career switchers, this will be integral in making a pivot while career accelerators can use it to gain a new perspective to take back to their path. This program runs starts in August and runs through June each year.
  • MBAi: This joint degree from Kellogg and McCormick School of Engineering is a fast-paced program designed for those who want to harness technical acuity for strategic organizational leadership and place their career on the cutting edge of analytics, robotics, machine learning, and more.
  • MMM: This dual-degree program builds on the MBA with an M.S. of design innovation from the Segal Design Institute. This focus on innovation and end-to-end thinking equips students to understand customer needs and develop solutions at the intersection of business and technology. The unique curriculum is taught over two years, with students starting in June.
  • JD-MBA: This dual-degree program fully integrates your MBA with a JD from the Northwestern Pritzker School of law, finishing both programs in just three years. Bonus – the admissions process is fully integrated as well, meaning just one application and you only have to take the GMAT/GRE — no LSAT! This program is ideal for those whose career goals sit at the intersection of business and law and allows you an internship in either field. Students start the first year in August at the law school, come to Kellogg in year two, and finish coursework for both programs in year three.

In choosing your program, you’ll want to consider your career goals, interests and timeline:

  • How can I figure out which program is right for me? Speak to current students to understand what your time at Kellogg would be like. Reach out to student clubs of interest to you, and ask to speak to students from the program(s) you are considering. They are the best resource in understanding the opportunities each program provides.
  • If I don’t get into program X, will I be considered for program Y? You may apply to one Full-Time program each application year. The application is the same for all the programs, with the exception of an additional short essay for 1Y/MBAi/MMM/JD-MBA explaining your interest in that program, and we evaluate all programs on the same criteria.
  • Can I change my program later? You should apply to the program you plan to attend as applications are reviewed for the program they applied to, and we may not have space to consider you for another program.

Best of luck during the application process. Be on the lookout for other posts from our team to help you along the way!