Check out tips from current Full-Time and Evening & Weekend MBA students on completing the application.

My #1 Tip for Completing the Kellogg MBA Application

With application deadlines around the corner, Inside Kellogg connected with current Full-Time and Evening & Weekend students to share their number one piece of advice for those of you completing your application — ranging from pacing yourself in the process to leveraging your mentors for critical feedback. Here’s what they had to say.

Pacing & prep

“Start early and remember to take breaks in-between. It can help you view your application from a new perspective as well as help you re-charge.”
Shubhendra Agrawal (MMM 2021)

“I focused 90% of my time on the essays, and I’m so glad I did. It was the most important part of my application to really highlight my personality, passions, ambitions, and story. Use a family member, close friend, or significant other to work through what you want to convey. You’ll be so glad you did!”
-Emily Mohr (E&W 2021)

“Create a project timeline for the application process and identify trusted mentors that are best suited to support you for each component of the application. Reach out well in advance to communicate timelines, goals, and expectations. It is amazing how many people want to help you succeed during this process!
-Kevin Kosiewicz (E&W 2021)


“I come from a non-traditional background and got a lot of advice to really think through the question “why do you want an MBA.” Of course, the Admissions Committee cares about your answer to this question, but they also care deeply about who you are as a person and future community member. The process really opened up for me when I grounded it in a different question: what unique passion or experience do I have and how can I use that to show the AdCom who I am and why that makes me a great candidate?”
-Vanessa Gottlieb (2Y 2022)

“Kellogg is guided by the values of brave leadership and impact. So, as you craft your story, don’t just think about what you hope to gain from a Kellogg MBA – but also, what you will uniquely bring to Kellogg to have lasting impact on the community.”
-Marvin Harris (2Y 2021)

 “When you reflect and write about how you will be a value add to Kellogg, use this as an opportunity to explore all of the program offerings, clubs, and courses that we have. Finding these opportunities to contribute will not only demonstrate to our admissions team your authentic, holistic self, but will be a roadmap for how you can be an involved member of our community once you matriculate.”
-Anne Frazier (E&W 2021) 

Mentors & peers

“My advice in applying for school, and frankly for life, is to identify and nurture a group of people (a “Board of Directors” if you will) who know you best and can help you to craft your story. Use this group to review your plans for your essays, discuss your application package as a whole, and support in writing letters of recommendation. It takes a village to get into business school and you cannot do it without setting up support for yourself!”
Adam Wolford (2Y 2021)

“Have someone who loves you read your essays. Even if they know nothing about business or business school. They will tell you if they make sense, and most importantly, if they sound like you. This is critical since, at the end of the day, you’re trying to go to a school where you can be you.”
Jamie McLaughlin (2Y 2021)

The Kellogg community

“After joining Kellogg, I realized that the community at school plays an important role in your MBA success. So, my advice to MBA aspirants would be to take the time to interact with current students and assess your fit within the community. Kellogg offers “Preview Days” where applicants get an opportunity to spend a day at Kellogg, attending classes and interacting with students and faculty. This is a great opportunity to get a feel of the community that you are aspiring to be a part of.”
-Rashmi Babtiwale (E&W 2021)

“Reach out to current students, clubs and alumni to know more about Kellogg. Kellogg is more than a fantastic picture or a paragraph of vivid description. Kellogg is about the people studying, working and thriving here.”
-Peter Xi (2Y 2021)


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