Benjamin Hernandez (JD-MBA 2013) shares the founding of NuMat Technologies, its evolution as a company, and what he learned along the way about leadership.

Entrepreneurship: A Deeply Human Endeavor

Early in NuMat Technologies’ founding, Benjamin Hernandez (JD-MBA 2013) and his co-founders entered a business plan competition in Chicago. “We ended up winning the competition, at which point we decided to enter every other business plan competition in the U.S. where prizes exceeded $100,000. We won every single one.”

Michelle Zighelboim (2Y 2020, Zell Fellow) shares the story of her fashion brand, Zéta, and its pivot to manufacture PPE during COVID-19.

A Fashion Brand Pivots to Manufacture PPE During COVID-19

Michelle Zighelboim’s (2Y 2020, Zell Fellow) ready-to-wear fashion brand, Zéta, enables women “to build a versatile wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched to create multiple, strong looks.” But with the disruption of COVID-19, Michelle realized her fashion brand was uniquely equipped to manufacture PPE to support the surrounding community and frontline healthcare workers. Here is her story.