Around the World in 20 Days

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve traveled almost 25,000 miles and I’ve realized that you can’t “think” internationally unless you “learn” internationally.  The global elective program I attended at our partner school WHU in Vallendar, Germany this past month brought me closer to European Economics, Luxury Brand Management, and last but not least my fellow… Continue reading

The Powerful Kellogg Backpack

Who knew a backpack could start so many conversations? From the first day I started researching MBA programs, I was drawn to Kellogg for the networking. I felt Kellogg provided the best opportunity to meet diverse leaders from around the world through its heavy emphasis on teamwork.  So far, the program has exceeded my expectations… Continue reading

24 x 7 = 168

I often sit back and wonder, “how did I accomplish everything I needed to in a week?” One of my Kellogg professors, Harry Kraemer, introduced a time management concept that I often reflect on.  This concept epitomizes how I manage my time on an ongoing basis and I often think about my upcoming week as… Continue reading

Becoming a Family

Nietzsche said, “A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.” As you will soon witness, I am the furthest thing from a good writer, but I will try hard to channel the spirit of my fellow EMBA friends from the 2013 EMP-90 class. This blog will be… Continue reading

Fashion Week – Kellogg Style

“Um, excuse me….Professor Mazzeo?  Could I ask you a bit of a strange question?  Who makes your pants????”  Yes, this is the very same Professor who was the lucky recipient of the cowbell.  With Fashion Weeks wrapping up in the major cities of the world and having just received the Vogue Spring edition in the mail… Continue reading

Professors Should Wear Cowbells

In my prior life, I attended graduate school for Classics at Tufts and spent summers as an archaeologist at the Agora in Athens, Greece. It never failed that you would be digging one hot Athenian day, talking with your trench-mate about your shenanigans the night before, and up would walk the dig director. The end… Continue reading