Landing my internship — and future job — at Google

Jeff Hoffman is a second-year student interested in entrepreneurship and technology. He is passionate about the intersection of data science and application, focusing specifically on how data sets and insights can be leveraged to create, refine and market new products and services.

This past summer Jeff interned at Google and will return to the technology firm after graduation. He recently participated in a Career Management Center webinar about career opportunities and his experiences working with Kellogg’s career coaches. Watch the entire webinar, or continue reading to see what Jeff had to say about recruiting, his experience at Google and why he thinks Kellogg graduates are perfectly equipped to succeed in the technology industry.

Class project leads to 10,000 new jobs in Ecuador

Two years ago, Kellogg introduced a new experiential learning class focused on international business strategy development. I am interested in international development, and I wondered what working on a real consulting project was like, so this class provided an opportunity for me to do both.

One year later, Jasmine Lipford, Andrew Tibbetts, Emi Yokoshima and I found out the implementation of our strategy from class resulted in 10,000 new jobs and the biggest stevia growing project in Ecuador.

Breakfast with Visa’s SVP, Head of North America Marketing

Last month, 11 Kellogg ladies and I had the opportunity to grab breakfast and chat with Lara Balazs ’00, Visa’s SVP, head of North America marketing. Prior to Visa, Balazs held a variety of marketing and strategy roles at Prophet, Gap and Nike. She was recently named as one of Brand Innovators’ 2015 Top 50 Women in Brand Marketing, alongside the Chief Management Officers of the NBA, Nestle USA and JPMorgan Chase.

Kellogg, Booth partner to host entrepreneurship conference

Stockton and Malone. Chip and Dale. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Kellogg and Booth. Some of the great companionships of all time. Only one of these pairs is not like the other. Kellogg and Booth are often thought of together, but on more of a different type of list. Think Ali and Frazier, Celtics and Lakers, and Ohio State and Michigan.

However, on Friday, October 30, Kellogg and Booth will come together and partner to host the second annual Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (ETA) Conference at the University Club of Chicago. ETA Investors and CEOs will congregate with roughly 300 students to share valuable insight into their experiences with this unique form of entrepreneurship.

Can you be happy and successful?

Will Harper ’14 entered graduate school like many 20-somethings, eager to learn and searching for his life’s purpose. While at Kellogg, Harper organized a five-person team under the direction of Harry Kraemer ’79, clinical professor of strategy, and turned his personal journey into a six-month research project focused on understanding the components of happiness.

Two years later, that six-month project has evolved into a business in which Harper consults with companies and works with business leaders to build happiness and fulfillment — for themselves and their employees — into their strategies for success.

‘Learn how to walk the high wire’

Gil Penchina has failed in epic fashion, and not just once.

“This is the life of an entrepreneur,” Penchina ’97 told the incoming Class of 2017 during the second day of the school’s Complete Immersion in Management (CIM) Week. “Silicon Valley is a town full of people who are failing all the time.”