Branding advice for graduates

By Professor Tim Calkins Tomorrow more than 1,000 students will graduate from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I’ve taught almost half of them. They will soon start at new jobs, branch out in different industries and begin careers in cities around the world. It is an exciting moment, transitioning from one thing to the… Continue reading

Preventing career derailment

Sometimes, people mess up. Signals get crossed. Miscommunications occur. Clear goals aren’t set. But when it comes to managers, those mistakes can result in derailment, said Carter Cast ’92, a clinical associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Kellogg. “What is derailment?” said Cast. “It occurs when a manager [who] is expected to go higher… Continue reading

Financial advice for graduates

This week, almost one thousand people will graduate from Kellogg with their MBA degrees. They will then embark on careers that will span decades. Last year I posted some financial advice for the graduates, and some people found that useful, so this year I’m sticking with the theme.

The MBA Job Search: The hidden benefits of deep research

By Mark Gasche, managing director of Kellogg’s Career Management Center.

Interviewing, resume preparation, review of job listings – these are the topics many people think of as they engage in the job search process. But what about research? In an academic setting, the definition of research is established and easier to define. Career research is a whole different story.

What makes a leader?

When Andrew Silvernail, CEO of IDEX and No. 4 on Forbes’ 2012 list of the most powerful CEOs 40 and under, thinks of a strong leader, he thinks of a dairy farmer in Maine. “Erleen Clement, my best friend’s mother, taught me some unbelievable life lessons about high expectations, unconditional love and what it really means… Continue reading

Either you win or you learn

Aude Slama ’11 (KW13) just launched a new business – and she’s never been happier. Based in Boca Raton, Fla., Slama is a recent graduate of the Kellogg-WHU program in Vallendar, Germany. This experience gave her the global expertise, confidence and momentum to launch her own business, Slama Global Search (SGS), a retained global executive… Continue reading