Healthcare in a startup mindset

By Rob Nagel The Kellogg School of Management is known for a number of things, including its team-based approach and growth-focused curriculum. From a 10,000-foot view, at its core, Kellogg has always been known as the marketing school, although more recently it has the distinction as the consulting school. What is less broadly assumed, but… Continue reading

Landing my internship — and future job — at Google

Jeff Hoffman is a second-year student interested in entrepreneurship and technology. He is passionate about the intersection of data science and application, focusing specifically on how data sets and insights can be leveraged to create, refine and market new products and services.

This past summer Jeff interned at Google and will return to the technology firm after graduation. He recently participated in a Career Management Center webinar about career opportunities and his experiences working with Kellogg’s career coaches. Watch the entire webinar, or continue reading to see what Jeff had to say about recruiting, his experience at Google and why he thinks Kellogg graduates are perfectly equipped to succeed in the technology industry.

Women’s Business Assoc. hosts career networking event

Armed with a name tag and a small notebook, I recently made my way to the Woman’s Club of Evanston, a house near campus with more than 100 years of history. This was the venue for Careers Uncorked, one of the Women’s Business Association’s (WBA) biggest events of the year.

Held every year in October before the advent of recruiting season, WBA’s Careers Uncorked gives first-year women at Kellogg a taste of recruiting in an intimate setting.

Lessons learned from internship recruiting | MBA Learnings

I hated looking for a job in my final year at university. It is one of those profoundly painful processes that I really wouldn’t wish on anyone. It seemed to bring to surface all my insecurities and really made me question if I had done anything of note in the past 20-odd years of my life.

So, when I decided to study again, one of my objectives was to understand how best to approach looking for a job. We’re in an age where we’re constant job seekers. Whether it is seeking an internal transfer within a company we work for or whether we’re looking for a role in a different company, it is clear that our age is one of many jobs, roles, careers and companies.

In that sense, looking for an internship at school felt like a perfect laboratory to test how this process ought to be approached. I’ve decided to break the whole process down into three main steps, catalogue my process and then share what I learned. I’ve attempted to bring it all together in one post. It is long. I hope it is worth it.

Student Perspective: Alumni Support

When applying to business school, there are so many considerations to evaluate: academics, location, size, career services, etc. One of the most important factors in everything you have to weigh is the alumni network. Long after you’ve taken your last final, the network you both cultivated and inherited will be an enduring legacy of your… Continue reading

It’s almost March?

As we head into our final weeks of winter quarter, it is hard to believe that in a few days, it will already be March. The first two quarters at Kellogg have flown by, and for first years, corporate presentations, career management seminars and constant conversations about what new career to pursue dominated our schedules…. Continue reading