Landing my internship — and future job — at Google

Jeff Hoffman is a second-year student interested in entrepreneurship and technology. He is passionate about the intersection of data science and application, focusing specifically on how data sets and insights can be leveraged to create, refine and market new products and services.

This past summer Jeff interned at Google and will return to the technology firm after graduation. He recently participated in a Career Management Center webinar about career opportunities and his experiences working with Kellogg’s career coaches. Watch the entire webinar, or continue reading to see what Jeff had to say about recruiting, his experience at Google and why he thinks Kellogg graduates are perfectly equipped to succeed in the technology industry.

Bringing a data-driven approach to Microsoft

Visha Chadha ’15 spent last summer in Seattle working at Microsoft, where she interned as a product marketing manager intern. After graduation she will return full time to Microsoft and do product management/marketing in the company’s cloud computing group and work on Microsoft Azure.

One of the most valuable realizations Chadha had as a Microsoft intern was how she constantly applied lessons learned in Kellogg’s data analytics courses.

Chadha, who previously designed semiconductor chips for microprocessors and smartphones at AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), took time to talk about why it was important for her to build a strong foundation in data analytics while at Kellogg.

The second-year ride

The winter quarter just ended at Kellogg and this means that my MBA journey only has three more months left to completion. Ever since my second year began, my mind has been turned on to reflection mode, capturing memories, absorbing experiences, wondering what is left to do and what I may have missed out on.

At Kellogg, one of the most popular student acronyms is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. It is touted to incoming first-year students as a warning not to overreach yourself. Kellogg’s halls are teeming with opportunities to engage with and the sheer number of choices often overwhelms new students.

I believe that we only use FOMO in half the relevant settings. It is equally appropriate for graduating second-year students, but for the opposite reason. For us, it is not so much about overextending. It is about making sure we cover as many bases as we can before we leave. In my opinion, second year is all about checking items off your bucket list and ensuring that nothing gets left behind.

How do trends work?

What do Crocs, TED and Instagram have in common? According to Dr. Liraz Lasry, marketing professor at Recanati Business School, they all are trends that have spread from person to person, without significant interference from marketing. In this TEDx talk, Lasry explain why trends happen, how they influence us and why trends may play a large role… Continue reading

Why I went to Kellogg

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. When I was a kid, I sold candy and comic books. Today, I run a software development company. About nine years ago, I started a non-profit called Refresh Miami to help connect other entrepreneurs and technologists in my area. At the time, I didn’t realize what I was… Continue reading

MMM, 2Y students take second in Haas Tech Challenge

A team of four Kellogg students won second place in UC Berkeley’s 2014 Haas Tech Challenge in November. In addition to the award, the team members were excited to learn that one of the challenge’s industry professional judges was a MMM alum.

MMM students David Ufford and Justin Saeheng teamed with Two-Year students Adithya Mohanakrishnan and Daniel Jung for the competition. team.

The 2014 challenge case topic was the cross-section of the “Internet of Things (IoT)” and “Smart Cities;” the students explored how new technologies can be used to bring improvements to the daily lives of millions.