Fall Quarter. Done.

After I complete my four finals during the week of December 6th, I would have officially completed my first quarter of business school. I still cannot believe that it has already been almost a year since I received that long-awaited phone call telling me that I was accepted to one of the best MBA programs… Continue reading

The McManus Way

As an admissions tour guide and lunch host, I get asked many questions from prospective students regarding housing, so I thought that I would dedicate an entry on this topic. From my own personal estimates, I think probably 80-90% of Kellogg students live in Evanston. It is just more convenient to live near the school… Continue reading

First week of classes

I have just finished my first week of real classes for the fall quarter at Kellogg. Even though I already took a required core class during the pre-term (three hours everyday for two weeks), this week felt more official because I had a full load of 4 classes for the quarter. This quarter I am… Continue reading

Why Northwestern

Just this past August, I began my business school journey here in Northwestern’s JD-MBA program. It’s great to be back in school again after spending four years working in start-up field and the consulting industry, and having spent this past summer at the Attorney General’s Office. Just three months into school, I’m already soaking up… Continue reading