The GLMA of Kellogg School of Management Tells LGBT Teens: “It Gets Better!”

[youtube] By Mitch Colgan ’14 One of the most amazing facets of gay culture is the shared experience of coming out. For each person, this emotional journey is unique. However, there is solace in an understanding that there are so many others in the world that overcame fears and questioning to find happiness on the… Continue reading

Will This Work in the Real World?

With so many opportunities at Kellogg, you may find yourself having a difficult time choosing which courses to take and which activities to participate in that will best help you achieve your academic, personal and career goals. Fortunately, the wide range of experiential learning offerings means there’s something (or many somethings) for everyone, and a… Continue reading

Great expectations

Summer internships allow Kellogg students to put MBA lessons to the test  Editor’s note: At Kellogg, first-year students have the opportunity to take their future careers for a test drive on internships with top companies each summer. We surveyed a few students about their experiences this summer: Name: Jordan Walker `13 Internship: Merchandising (Buyer) Intern,… Continue reading


SONGS capture moments, and moments are a cocktail of happenstance, musings, grit and emotions — which collectively defines “what” we’ve done, “who” we are, and “where” we’re headed. And over time, we curate a meaningful soundtrack to our lives — comprised of songs that capture these defining moments.

What will you remember?

[slideshow] Now nearly a month out from receiving their degrees, some of our graduating bloggers had the time for reflection. We asked them: What will you remember most about your time at Kellogg? Here are their answers. “I came to Kellogg with a variety of expectations in terms of academics, professional networks, personal friend circles,… Continue reading

The End of the Beginning

This entry is long overdue. I kept starting and stopping because it is so hard to recap an experience of a lifetime in words. June 15, 2012. Commencement day of the Kellogg Class of 2012. Yep. I said it. As much as I wanted to prolong my wonderful two years at this great school, I… Continue reading