Professors Should Wear Cowbells

In my prior life, I attended graduate school for Classics at Tufts and spent summers as an archaeologist at the Agora in Athens, Greece. It never failed that you would be digging one hot Athenian day, talking with your trench-mate about your shenanigans the night before, and up would walk the dig director. The end… Continue reading

What’s in a Weekend?

Well, it’s officially March, and finals are not just around the corner but firmly on this side of the corner, and my second quarter at Kellogg is more or less complete. Looking back over my past couple of weekends, it’s not surprising that we’re all shocked that the quarter went by in the blink of… Continue reading

City Living: Taking the El

Although many pre-Kellogg Chicagoans pulled up stakes and moved 7 miles up the road to Evanston at the beginning of the school year, I was one of the few who did not make the Great Migration in August 2011. Continuing to live in the city while attending Kellogg full-time has been a great decision for… Continue reading

It’s almost March?

As we head into our final weeks of winter quarter, it is hard to believe that in a few days, it will already be March. The first two quarters at Kellogg have flown by, and for first years, corporate presentations, career management seminars and constant conversations about what new career to pursue dominated our schedules…. Continue reading

2012 Kellogg Marketing Conference was a success!

Snow and early mornings in business casual couldn’t keep hundreds of students, faculty, alumni, corporate representatives, and speakers from attending the Kellogg Marketing Conference. The two-day conference started on Kellogg’s downtown campus on Jan. 20 with events for alumni and corporate representatives and continued with a larger-scale event chocked full of panels, keynotes, and diverse… Continue reading