Transitioning to student life

A little about myself, I’m Sam Sung (playing the name game with me was super easy – I wonder why…) and I’m originally from Los Angeles, Calif. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a major in political sciences, and went straight into the United States Marine Corps as a brand… Continue reading


Just a few weeks ago, I finally finished what was an incredibly grueling summer. Not only did I take classes with the rest of my JD-­‐MBA classmates, but I also worked full time at a law firm in downtown Chicago. But in late August it felt great to finally finish work and classes and leave… Continue reading

MBA Internship Final Presentations

Six hundred Kellogg MBAs finished their first year of business school this past spring and went off into the workforce to start their summer internships. Some of them went into consulting. Others into banking and finance. And another group went to marketing, operations, general management and a variety of other positions. But no matter which… Continue reading

Reflecting on the 2010-2011 School Year

2010 was an interesting year. Most of us left high-paying banking and consulting jobs and finally decided to return to business school. And what timing! The financial crisis was finally starting to fade and the prospects of recovery left the business world enormously hopeful. At the same time, the nomination of Sally Blount as the… Continue reading

Spring Quarter

At long last, spring quarter is finally here. For most of us, that’s great news! But getting here hasn’t necessarily been a piece of cake. Not only did we have to make it through two sets of core classes and endure a grueling job search, but we also had to learn to cope with the… Continue reading

Recruiting at Kellogg

After months of attending recruiting events during the first quarter of school, interview season is finally in full swing here at Kellogg. For the past few weeks people have been dressing up in suits, reserving all the study rooms to do mock interviews, and waiting in the career center to take part in interviews in… Continue reading